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The Adventures of T.A.

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  2015.08.07  14.27
End of the World As We Know It~

Haven't heard that song in forever but, I feel its time to update you on whats going on in my life lol I haven't checked to see in a while :3


  2009.03.05  20.51

So yeah that song Head Over Feet is the song that I dedicated to Brandon because it is SOOO our story. I really didn't want to get with anybody for a long time after shawn but we became close friends. And he grew feelings for me. I kept saying no everytime he suggested us getting together but i knew deep down inside i had feelings for him but i DONT LIKE GOING BACK ON MY WORD!! Yknow cuz i told my parents that guys are dumb and I didn't need a boyfriend. But yknow love works in mysterious ways. DUDE God is AWESOME!! After shawn broke up with me my mom knew i was sad and whenever we prayed together she would ask god to bring me a boyfriend. Brandon told me that his mom said she was praying for him to meet the perfect girl. lol And ta-da! We're so perfect for each other!! It's actually kinda scary! It's like wow.. God he really is the perfect guy for me.. BUT then its like.. if he's the perfect guy for me than i dont wanna lose him. But then does that mean our relationship will truly last a LOOOOOoooOooong time?? like are we talking wedding bells?? lol I love how our relationship is based on positivity and dorkiness cause well.. Shawn never knew about our future. I'd rather have a guy wish we'd stay happily together than never worry about the future. He drives me crazy. Every time i see him something he does drives me nuts.. Luckily the last time i saw him i was with brandon and I all i had to do was look at brandon and I was happy again. =D

I can't wait for tomorrow because tomorrow we're going to see Watchmen. <33 He lent me his Watchmen comic book even tho he didn't finish it and I finally finished it today. Man what I love most about him is that he would do anything for me. Well.. ALMOST anything. like 99.9% of everything. But yea YAY! he's gonna come with us to church on saturday and bowling with my parents. Betty loves him. My parents like him. I love him. Nathalies whatever with him. le sigh! My love life couldn't be better. I also didn't want him to tell me he loved me even tho he wanted to.. So I asked him to say wuv you. lol he DID and it felt kinda weird hearing a guy say it lol but yeah man it's obvious we love each other now so..... we say I love you now. He loves me. And I love him. I'm the one whos paranoid about how his parents think of me and even tho they said they didn't like my tongue ring brandon always makes me at ease. AAAaaaaaaah.. <- Sigh of relief. <33

We are such movie freaks. We are both into comics/manga. Anime. Religion. OHH!! something that we don't agree on. I believe:: If i were working and hated ppl who were complainers.. than when I go to ANY place I am super nice to the employees. He thinks.. when he USEd to work somewhere and people were dicks to him that its okay if hes a dick also.. He isn't too fond of doing drive thrus and seeing sold out movies. He has the most beautiful eyes and has a great body and is super strong and we wrestle!! Something shawn didn't let me do with him. But yeah I punch him and then we roll around strangling each other! le sigh!!! lol Oh! and he actually buys me things. And he works fulltime and makes money. And knows what hes doing with his life.. So it isn't like he can break up with me and be like WAH WE GOTTA BREAK UP!! I dunno whats going on in my life.. It'd hafto be a different excuse lol. But yeah he said basically what i said to shawn. "I would never break up with you." SOO!!! it's all up to me. HEHEHEHHHEE lol But i secretly said the same thing to him in my head hehehehheee.. Oh but hey we are SUCH dorks.. but luckily we have the same taste and laugh at each other. ROFLMAO! I AM kinda scared about what daddys gonna say cause ugh.. everybody ELSE likes him.. I hope he does!! <333

Anyways! lets talk about sex.. Yes we've had sex. There. lol I'll write somewhere else the more explicit details. But it REALLY is a hilarious story!! Anyways CAN'T WAIT TO SEE Americas Best Dance Crew ToNITE!!! Beat freaks all the way!! or QUest CReW!!! But more BEAT FREAKS!! But I Still LOVE QUEST CREW!!! Man I feel like such a loser.. I've been into reality shows like CRAZY lately. Like ABDC, Tool Academy (JOSH!!!! all the way but I love matsuflex!!!), Rock of Love Bus!!, For the love of ray jay, and uhh not really a reality show but DONYA BARBARA!!! shyea!! Anyways I'm gonna stop talking cuz i sound like those annoying girls in love. <3333

Mood: Luvy-Dubby

  2009.02.25  20.49
Head Over Feet <3

So life's been better than ever with my new boyfriend, Brandon. I think it is HILARIOUS that we actually got together. I love how the first time I ever saw him was when Shawn and I were trying to persuade Ryan to go to Halloween Horror Nights with us. We were on the 2nd floor in the hallway wearing NOYCE clothes.. And brandon comes up saying something about being underdressed. lol but yeah I was like hehe he's cute but whatever then RYAN PLEASE COME WITH US. lol Then the 2nd time we saw each other we actually spoke to each other. It was at Ryan's halloween party where I was dressed as a sexy gangster. lol Anyways, i got drunk by drinking coke and rums made by Frank Peruyera (<-- he's a whole other story). Then I started flirting with Charles and some guy who I called clyde. Cause he was a gangster too and So i was bonnie and ya-da-ya-da. So for some reason i end up alone and Brandon walks up to me and asks me if i wanna take a drink. LMFAO! I wouldn't normally say yes cuz shots are yuckity but i was like in my head, "hey this is that hot guy i saw a long time ago.. " so i was like okaaAAaaaayyYYy.. So we do a shot and that definetly messes me up lmao. I end up yknow tripping over my feet walking around the house trying to find ppl to talk to.. succeeding of course. Shawn.. the other shawn.. was HOT!! he was dressed as the Joker. HO'YEA! Anyways So i'm sitting next to brandon with my head on his shoulder cuz the shot is starting to kick in and i feel sick/tired. So i'm like ughhh.. i feel sick and he says don't throw up on me LMFAO and so frank and trevor take me upstairs to throw up. lol And then we start talking on facebook.. shyea... Never thought we'd actually end up going out LMAO cuz I was with Shawn when we started talking online as buddies.... i think?? Anyways I've been on facebook for the past hours so i'm gonna finish this update latah!! HOLLA!


I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it

You treat me like I'm a princess
I'm not used to liking that
You ask how my day was

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole
You're so much braver than I gave you credit for
That's not lip service

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

You are the bearer of unconditional things
You held your breath and the door for me
Thanks for your patience

You're the best listener that I've ever met
You're my best friend
Best friend with benefits
What took me so long

I've never felt this healthy before
I've never wanted something rational
I am aware now
I am aware now

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault


  2009.01.15  00.56
Just watching the game drinking the bud..

YO!!! it's me. Tonight mightve been my worst night at nami's compared to four other AWESOME nights but I've been having a great time these past days. tonite especially.. Eating california rolls.. socializing with ppl by phone AND computer... watching funny tv. Like my good friend Lilo and Sitch DVD says: "Theres no place i'd rather be! THan on a surfboard out at sea." Man i wish i knew how to surf!! surf looks so AWESOME!!! I should SOOO look that up. I tried looking up kickboxing classes. None whatsoever!! can u believe that?? One of my dreams was to be good at something and kickboxing seemed like it'd be awesome!! lol but whatever I know I'm good at being generous, on time, and understanding hehheehhehe

SOO The cause for my happiness is obvious.. GOD!! God is so great!!! He's helped me get a job find me a GREAT friend who i still am not sure whether he wanted me to get in a relationship with him or not. So I've been asking him everyday like do u want me to get with him?? Cause it's like I want to but I dunno if thats the reason god put this person in my life. ANYWAYS!!!

I made this paper I put on my door saying my goals.. Like 3 BIG ones like weight i wanna lose, grades I wanna get, and religious life i want. Then i wrote a to do list i hafto to everyday no matter what day like floss (which has been a struggle) and my bible study. THEN i'm writing a to-do list which i update every nite. Like tonite i put up a new postit saying the things I gotta do tomorrow such as hang out with mel and go to class. every little thing i do never seems enough for you!! OWW!! the good kinda oww!! like michael jackson oWW!!! O yaa!! I just remembered! I've decided to stop saying yea and replace it with either yaaa or yeeee. Yee cause of brandon. Yaa cause i dont wanna fully please brandon LOL YAAAAAA!!!!

Anyways in the now now now most recent news.. Remember Jose??? not jose flores. The Jose that had algebra 2 with u and works at gamestop now. Yes that one!! He's been kinda i dunno flirting with me but i've been taking it as friendly talk like HAHAHA yea and then change the topic. Well he's gone and done it and asked me on a date. Dates are nothing though right?? atleast thats what he reassured me. lol cause i was like "See the thing about dates is that they usually end up in a relationship. And i'm not looking for one of those right now. Bdoggy could tell u that." LOL i can't believe i said that but hehe i'm becoming more resistant YEA!!! anyways and he was like "My dates just end up in a good time. Whatever happens happens." and so what i basically said was bottoms up! So whenver that happens.. it happens.. and whatever happens.. ::gulp: happens. LMAO I love the song "Jizz in my pants" Le sigh. if only a guy would sing that song to me. ROFLMAO!!

MAN!! I'm soo good at that thing they call procrastination!! I've been having to do this health class assignment and i was like I GOTTA do it tonite but yknow wut?? i can just wake up early tomorrow and do it =D ANYWYAS Gnite my love love you!! MUAH!

P.S. I've beeen communicating with brittany starett and tattiana stevenson from the good ol neighborhood days through that amazing thing called facebook.
P.S.S. Thank god it's friday night cause i just just just just just got paid!! lol btw havent got a paycheck yet. i'll update when i do =D

Mood: creative

  2009.01.05  23.23

Who do you think you ARE??!?!?! Anyways SOOO i'm gonna start working out again tonite. I wouldve started earlier but with all the breathing problems I was hesitant. Excuses excuses.. tsk squared. Anyways!! Spice girls rock! They are just so MMMMMMM Girl Power!!! Screw guys! lol jay kay! Guys have been my closest friends recently. Le sigh.. I wish i had girlfriends..

I'll give you everythang!! And all that i want from you is a promise you'll be there.

Anyways SO!! Sunday I started training which was hmm oh yes.. yesterday! I was working with maritza and YEA i like the job so far. I can't wait to become better! whee! go improvement! I need to workout so i can buy a few nice pair of jeans for work and look good in the new collared shirt Amy will give me. Tips is basically all i'm gonna be getting since the pay sucks. Oh well i knew what i was getting into when I applied. =D

SO! Again i'm gonna announce it cause well I also think I'm tricking myself by saying it so many times BUT!! I've decided I don't want a boyfriend for a while. School and work should be good enough to keep my busy. If ya know what I mean hehehe And I'm not saying that I'm gonna become some sort of slut but if I feel like kissing someone I'm not gonna hold back. ANYWAYS!!

Today was kinda eh. I woke up around 9 and was like freaked out by my dream cuz apparently a bunch of ppl were staying at my house and a girl turned into a cat and was scared out of her mind!! Like i picked her up and she was shaking. And it was horrible cause we didn't know how to turn her back. And man i felt bad lol odd no? So when i woke up i was like yessh and then i passed out. Woke up at 10 and was like wow.. I got alot to do today, I should write a to do list. Then i passed out and woke up at 11 and was like yeah I gotta do that list. So I start writing in my notebook and then i pass out. I wake up at 12 and complete the list. And sit straight up so i wont pass out again. lol it was annoying yet great!! I hate sleeping in when i got lots to do but man i just felt so CHILLED!!

My to-do List:
Sell trevors psycho book, Get central campus parking permit, clean house, exercise at nite, study work, make andy a blissy, do bible study, go to work, buy textbooks, and see about going to orlando.

Yeah..... i only did about 3 of those. I'm gonna be FORCED to do like 3 of them tomorrow. Well like my mood says I'm determined to be busy and successful. BAM!!! Who do you think you are?!?!?

Mood: determined

  2009.01.04  02.11
Writer's Block: From A to Z

Using one word for each letter of the alphabet, make a list of the words you most associate with yourself or that you feel best describe you.

A: Artist/Aggressive
B: boobalicious
C: Contradictive, Cruel, Cooky
D: Disney and DDR freak
E: Energetic
F: Fears being alone
G: Great driver
H: Hopless Romantic
I: Imaginative
J: Joker
K: Kinky!
L: Loving
M: Money saver
N: Nipple pincher
O: Open To ALOT
P: Positive
Q: Queer Tested
R: Religious
S: Shy
T: trustworthy
U: understanding
V: views drugs as a HUGE turn off
W: wants to become a doctor
Y: yes it is hard for me to say no
Z: zoolander was funny

Mood: crazy

  2009.01.04  01.40
Geez God Is Awesome!

Well others may not see it as a great thing BUT!! on December 31st I went to the emergency room because I had woke up coughing and throwing up and barely able to breathe. My pulse was WAAAY fast and I ended up going to the Emergency Room after watching Bedtime Stories with my dad. It was a good movie btw. Anyways!! MY dad could tell I was having problems and he was like " You need to tell me anything??" And I was like Nah.. But as soon as I got inside the house I called Brian started bawling and saying I felt I had to see a doctor. Well Yeah!! It was pretty interesting!! The nurse was like Take off everything except ur underwear and I was like hhehehehe so forceful! lol But yeah he was such a flirt! But it cheered me up. I realized that day that I am SOO good at dealing with needles! I had things connecting to me everywhere WHOOHOO and yeah. They gave me a breathing treatment, coughing pills, and a breathing test to see if I had some sort of blood clot in my lungs. I had to inhale xenon. hehehe. Anyways I'm lying in my room and Brandon pops up! EEEK!! then about 15 minutes pass and Shawn pops up! EEKK!! I didn't mind but my mom said she wouldve had a heart attack if her exlover and the guy whos trying to get with her were both in the same small room checking up on her health. LOL. I was scared they'd see my blood pressure go high on the monitor but I guess I truly was calm. Got home around 11 and searched the streets for an open restaurant but the only place delivering was Papa Johns so wut the heck! we ordered it. I was starving so when Brian bought some chips I was like MUNCH MUNCH!! but then <=( I became NAUSEOUS!! SO Brandons there and oh btw the watching the ball fall for the new year was AWESOME!! I had someone to hug as soon as it came down. It was me, mommy, brian, betty, dick, lacy, and Brandon.

SO!! For the new year I decided to try becoming more religious and get a job. SO!! Guesss what??? I apply for a job at Nami's to work with betty and LAST NIGHT!! betty calls me and says I start training tomorrow XD EEEH!! Fun!! II finally got a job!! And its with betty again .. le sigh.. Gods awesome! Oh btw I gotta take steroids and a bunch of pills that the doctors prescribed for me. Hyea. ALSO!! Shawn and I decided to be just friends but he'd have to try his best to keep our friendship. I also decided TONITE that I don't think I'm gonna get into a relationship with Brandon because I dunno.. I give him soo many opportunities and I have a feeling that God put him in my life so I could have a CLOSE friend. I'm rlly confused cause although I'm attracted to him and he's awesome.. He lets me walk all over him. LITERALLY!! lol jk! but yeah I've been trying to find a bad side to him but the onnly things are that he wants to be with me AND he doesn't rlly know how to be physical. I'm scared because of my sexual frustration that I may end up leading him on accidentally and have him thinking we're together.

OH YEAH!! i'm gonna have the house to myself from tuesday till uh i think the end of the week. So it's horrible but.. I think I'm gonna yknow.. Anyways! hehehe Today I played Mary Magdalene and Brandon was Saul of tarsus at church. We basically spent the whole day together. We went to church together.. Went to la Granja together.. Watched A Fish Called Wanda, Alice in Wonderland, Addams Family, and Futurama together.. Went to coldstone.. Went to tates.. And yeah. It's like I REALLY like him but i can see us being close friends for a long time AND he is MORE of the marriage type. I don't really want/need a boyfriend right now. I just think all I need is some physicalness.. Cause with school, work, church, and friends.. Eh.. I dunno a boyfriend is like the last thing i need. BUT then again there you can't plan love!! Hyuk! All i know is that everyone in church is like Whohoahoaohahahhaa is that nicole's boyfriend?? And it's kinda like NO! he's not but no touchie! lol Anyways and I DID rly like David but he's just too much of a downer. I'd be like YAYA lets have fun and he'd be like Fun died the minute i was born. YKNOW?? lol anyways!!! This week is the beginning of my new year because I start school and work this week. =) wish me luck. I gotta start getting used to sleeping early again. OH YEAH!! And I rllyy wanna play me some ddr so I'm waiting for Vernon to come back from England so we can ddr together cuz i realized that I don't like ddring by myself. heee.. SOO YEAH!! overall: I'm busy busy dreadfully busy! you no idea what I have to do! Busy busy shockingly busy! I'd like to help BUT I CANT!! Tata!

Mood: tired

  2008.11.26  12.40
its back!!! AHH!!!

so Nathalies here. lol She got here saturday morning because on friday there were problems with her airplanes. So Saturday was fun! Brian had left early in the morning to Fort Pierce because there his parents were having their 50th anniversary party..

We, mommy, wawa, nathalie, betty, and I, drove to fort pierce listening to an AWESOME cd mix i made the night before. And we rocked the whole 2 hours all the way to fort pierce. The suv was practically bouncing up and down on the highway like in a cartoon. lol well we got there and we met all these ppl who are our stepcousins and step aunts and all those steps.. And apparently. lol 2 cousins we never met were like DAMN we didn't know we had such hot step cousins. lol And then another cousin was like too bad nicole's 10 years younger than u. LOL anyways the party was extremely short.. Brian's parents, Rose and Bob, did their speech, everyone ate Sonny's Barbeque, and then everyone kinda scattered except us. Nathalie, Betty, and I danced around to old songs from the 1958s and our "family members" were just staring at us and lol Brian says the male group felt intimidated lol I dunno how. I drove nathalie and betty back home while listening to The Snow White soundtrack and Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. =) DISNEY FREAKS!! We got home and.. oh yea! got mcdonalds and watch funny things on the internet and then watched Enchanted since Nathalie never saw it. It was great cause she likes it too! wheee!! Ok so nathalie passes out like EXTREMELY fast.

Sunday, hmm.. Sunday hmmm.. Oh yeah!! All i remember is going to Gameworks at night trying to get some wamrup rounds on dDR before the big ddr hang out. we saw David!! yay!! He had this cute friend, David, some obnoxious friend, Tobie, a quiet friend, Some girl, and a big creepy guy, whos name i never caught. either way we ddr-ed alot and took plenty of silly pictures. David, the cute white one, kept doing abunch of flips and everything showing off. Lol i told him he was a magnet and nathalie was like what a chick magnet??? and i was like no just a magnet LOL So i drove us home and OH YEAH earlier in the morning we rented Phantom of the Opera, Singin in the Rain, and Some Like It Hot. I also talked to shawn cause well i think he misses me. Anyways ALSO sunday morning me and nathalie went to a concert because i need to go to 2 concerts for my music appreciation class.. Anyways yeah so Sunday was fun cause i got to flirt with a cute guy and txt a cute drummer guy.. le sigh. cute guys are cute.

MONDAY! I had to go to class and omgosh were both of them boring as poop. It was cooll tho cause chris and i talked before class so I was in a good mood when i got there. Class ended and I met with Nathalie and Betty in my room. We watched some nostalgic guy videos on youtube. Wawa made dinner of mashed potatoes, ribs, and steak. Num yummy yummy. I helped nathalie look on the internet for the car she wants to buy and wuddyaknow?? we found it online and it turns out the car is only 10 minutes away. We tried going to it with the directions we found online but we got lost. lol We went to a tanning salon for nathalie.. Hehehe she was naked. We tried watching Phantom of the opera but nathalie passed out again.. Talking in her sleep at random moments.. "well mines constant" lol i dunno wut she was dreaming when she said that but it was hilarious. lol I remember shawn coming later on that night giving me my student id. YAY!!! now i can finally get student discounts without feeling bad that i used my highschool one.. Oh yeah shawn invited me to a gameboard night but they were gonna play a game i really didn't want to so it was kinda like wow.. telling him no for once. Im kinda proud of myself.. le sigh.. If i have a boyfriend again i can imagine a guy singing "All or nothing" by 98 degrees.

Tuesday!! well we woke up. lol obviously and OH! betty and i had doctor appointments and we just decided to drag nathalie with us. YAY!! by the time we got out all of us were starving but then we remembered that nathalie had to get a massage from marielyn. So we got home.. nathalie got her massage. We all got our eyebrows done and then tried going to Sushi Takara. But EVERY FRIGGIN sushi place closed at 2:30. So we went to a porn store lol and it was fun. Then we drove around looking for a bunch of places and a lady jaywalked and i almost killed her but nathalie was pissed that i didn't honk the horn. "honk the horn to let her know shes doing something wrong." and i was like "DUH! of course she knows she doing something wrong." LOL i think its crazy how we can be so alike yet EXTREMELY different. I'm more passsive when it comes to stuff like that. Anyways So we end up going to dennys and talking a bunch of pictures. =P Im gonna upload them to facebook eventually lol Then we go to tates and nathalie flirting with the cashier guy lol he was cute but i didn't like his body shape. None of the things i wanted to buy were there but i bought bettys xmas present early. YAY! cause i like buying stuff. So!!! we go home and we look up nathalies car again to see if we can go trying to the dealership. So!! we go and the guysare like going gagaga for my boobs. This one guy was like "I am here to fulfill your every desire and need." If i turned they would walk to the other side to get a peak at my boobs. It was so noticeable that it was hilarious. The supervisor guy was like "are u guys sisters?? are u twins?? i like to know everybodys names.. What are your full names?? Can i get ur numbers?? I work 24/7.. I never sleep.. I'm italian and from new york.." LMAO it was hilarious. Anyways we got home and watched Singin in the rain and some more of phantom of the opera but nathalie fell asleep. Oh btw during this whole day i was txting the cute drummer guy. le sigh.. oh and nathalie woke up like around 2am while i was doing exercise saying that she had a nightmare that some guy kept barging into my bedroom beating me up and trying to get with her. And it was freaky cause while i was exercising in REaL LIFE i had her ipod on shuffle and it was playing "Don't You want me baby" and it just kept repeating the chorus in nathalies dream like dont u want me baby.. It actually freaked me out. lol SO!!!! yeah we talk and nathalie who is extremely loud is keeping me from passing out.. So i put in ear plugs.. read a book while she talks out loud to herself LMAO and then yay i fall asleep.

As for today, i'm staying home and chilling with nathalie. As of RIGHT NOW she's reading a book i made talking about my life. It was a class assignment but it was a HUGE assignment. One of those that u feel great after doing cause its awesome looking and will be a great thing to look back on when ur old. Anyways Can't wait to go to nexus and ddr all night. SEE YA!!!

Mood: excited

  2008.11.18  23.58
we were busy writing songs for... YOU!

Panic at the disco is so.... KOOL. lol they're newest album reminds me of some of the beatles songs. So today.. Hmm to be honest it was long small things lol

Woke up had to do errands and food shopping with Brian and Wawa. It was pretty fun just walking thru billions of ppl at walmart.. Walmart.. ::shudders:: i dont like it.. I've seen too many documentarys about how walmart is bad and yknow wut i have to agree! they have so much evidence and anyways! the only time i go to walmart is to get like blank cds or school supplies. My meat are from Sedanos and my fruits and everything else?? WINN DIXIE!!! w00t! it wouldve been albertsons but they got bought up ='( i literally got teary-eyed when i saw them take off the albertson letters from the store. but anyways so walmart.. we took about an hour and a half buying two weeks of food and thanksgiving dinner. which ended up costing about well hmmm..... $300!!! i dont mind if the moneys used on me but GEEZ they're always complaining that we dont have money but in 1 day we can afford to buy 300 dollars worth of food again! lol they just did it recently for betty and richard! And that pissed me off cuz brian was like we're not having christmas cuz we dont have money. And then in 2 days he can afford to spend 600 dollas!! but wutever lol my mom said she'd manage to get me my xmas. <333

And YeesSSSSSssss i know xmas isn't only about receiving gifts... it's also about GIVING gifts too ^_^ I love getting gifts for me. LMAO and my buddies =)

So we went shopping and then betty and richard came home. betty stayed at home with me and wawa but richard mommy and brian went to Delilahs to get some sort of booth table for our house?? lol i can't wait for us to fix the room and make it look cool. While i stayed home i learned how to make 2 peruvian dishes!! w00t! i can't wait to cook for my family whenever i get kids and a husband of my own. which reminds me after i learned to make "Arroz verde con pollo" and "Papa a la huancaina" i got nauseus and didn't want to eat anymore lol so my mom and wawa were like r u pregnant?? but i think it was that i hadnt eaten for a while and my stomach was like fine u wont feed me i'll make u feel sick. blah!

Brian was having friends come from tampa to go fishing the next day so we made alot of food. Had dinner with his friends and then i chatted with one of his friends' daughter. I thought she was a lesbian so i was like well hello hello.. But then i found out she had a boyfriend lol. i would never go out with a girl. I just like flirting with lesbians lol yknow cus they're like guys but better cause they understand. SO!! anyways they have to wake up at 5 in the morning so around 1130pm she was like man i gotta go to sleep. TO be honest i think i made a bad impression so wutever.. she lives in tampa. But yeah so i went up stairs and decided to talk to my best friend.. Whos my best friend?? whos my best friend?!?! thats rite! u r! u r!! awwww!! ::pats laptop:: ur so spoiled. lol.. anyways so yeah i'm probably gonna go scope out the internet.. if i come back and tell u wut i found its cause its something TOTALLY awesome but if not then.. well I'll still come and show u something fun lol ttyl. <3

Mood: lazy

  2008.11.18  02.23
I REALLY needed tonite..

This day was the worst when it came to my emotions and missing Shawn. But luckily, I got friends. <333 Oh trevor.. I'm so glad we're friends. I REALLY needed u to come to my house and hang out with me, charles, and shawn. And u did. =) I may never like u like a boyfriend but I know deep down inside ur jerk exterior ur a softy inside. I mean who else would play barbies with me?? lmAo. Anyways..

So this morning I had class and felt crappy not only cause i was crying all night but also because i felt like i did a bad job on my math test. When i studied for hours and hours.. Just didn't retain anything.. So then I got home and I was like HA! I know.. I'll go out with some girlfriends tonite.. After dinner my mom was like let's have a mini culto.. So we did it and singing songs about asking for Gods help is just kinda emotional cause i rlly do need his help BUT I sucked in all my tears and kept singing even tho I knew my mom was staring at me. Anyways, we have our culto and I run upstairs telling my mom, hey I'm gonna see who wants to hang out. =/ So nobody can.. Boredom ensues and I get on facebook.. I ended up talking to David (DDR), albert, Juan Torres, Scott, and Elisa. It was cool cause i realized scott and I are in the same boat when it comes to financials and freedom. I haven't spoken to David in years so it was AWESoME talking to him because i know we're gonna hang out soon with nathalie and the whole old ddr gang.. (hopefully).. Juan Torres is some guy i just met.. and quite frankly.. he's getting on my nerves.. But i know i shouldnt feel that way because he needs as much help as i do when it comes to someone to talk to. Le sigh poor guy. I'd b ur close friend but I just have a weird feeling ur hitting on me and eh. I'm not interested in gross clingy guys. Oh YEAH! and then while i was messaging ppl I went on myspace and this guy I havent spoken to in FOREVER starts calling me beautiful and is like, i never got to ask u but u wanna go out sometime? and i was kinda like EEEWWWWWW but said i'd wanna hang out with him with a group of ppl instead of just us alone.. Hew.. but thats the way i feel about alot of guys except probably.. Trevor. Cause we're just friends yknow..

So my mom asks me if i want to go to the mall and i'm like YEAH! but when we do go I shell up to myself and barely talk.. I really like going to the mall but when i went i made it seem like i just wanted to get out of there. I HATE how i act with my mom when i'm down.. I try to hide my emotions around her because i know when she sees me one way she expects me to be the same way later on or i dunno i just dont want her to think im a weakling. Anyways so we walk around and she's like u want anything.. and i had been eyeing a bag of chocolate balls and i was like.. "yea...." and she's like k. She buys it for me and i'm like MMmmmMMMmmmm delicious chocolate balls!! I feel so guilty!! I'm trying to b healthy and MMMM!!! lol So i end up giving her the bag half full cause i know if i keep it i'll just end up finishing it all tonite..

So I'm txting shawn and he's like I'm coming tonite. U want to play Glory To ROme with CHarles and Trevor and the thing is.. Earlier I called Trevor and he said he couldnt hang out cause he had school early the next day.. AND Charles said he was super busy and had to reorganize himself.. So I tell Shawn. Of course I would.. If u get charles to come I can try to get trevor to come. Luckily, we both get charles and trevor. =)

I had a blAST playing glory to rome because 1 i didn't do so bad.. 2. I finally got to tell shawn how i feel. 3. I learned that trevor really is a nice guy 4. I got to hug all three of them at the end but saved the best for last. 5. Had some well-needed laughs. 6. Wasn't lonely and bored in my room. 7. i was invited to play fury of dracula on thursday night with charles, shawn, and trevor. =) To be honest tho.. to me the game is eh.. for the hunters. Dracula is the one having all the fun. But whatever i love socialism (lol) and being close to shawn.

tuesday: food shopping. help my mom with thanksgiving project
wednesday i'll see if i hopefully got a good grade on my test. have psychology class at night.. After that, trevors coming over to play some games. =) and hopefully i'll be able to register for my classes.
thursday: laundry, cleaning the house, music appreciation class (which im thinking of skipping out on so I can play fury of dracula) and trying to sleep early so i can join the family to pick up nathalie at the airport early the next morning.
friday: NAHTALIES HERE! Who cares wut else happens? =D

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  2008.11.16  17.35
You just walk in.. I make you smile..

Its cool but u dont even know me u.. Don't u know its going to fast racing so hard u know it wont last. stop rite now thank u very much i need somebody with a lovin touch. lol this is so much fun. =)

Ok So i'm feeling really good already. kinda. Whenever i start thinking about shawn again i wish we were back together.. But at the same time i feel guilty for being so happy already. But at the SAME time i'm hoping he is sadly thinking of me too. AH!!! lol anyways i've lost about 5 pounds on the peruvian diet and exercising. i got to work out tonite since i had 2 slices of pizza. Oy i feel so bad. Cause u know when u go on a diet and straight back to eating badly u gain MORE weight than u lost.. I can't let that happen. lol NEVER! LOL nathalie wants me to be her personal trainer when she comes down. I dont mind but all i do are video workouts lol.

Oh hey the title and introduction are kinda expressing how i've been feeling lately. I wanna go back to flirting with guys and everything but I dont want a relationship anytime soon. cause 1 i would just die if i got in a meaningless relationship and shawn was ready to get back with me but we couldnt cause i was with some loser.. and 2. i couldn't take another break up any time soon cause well i'd just die again. lol so fun fun fun is what its all about now. well not saying love isn't fun its just kinda serious. He's a lover i need a friend.
So FREAKINESS! I was on facebook and decided to go online and this guy named Juan Torres started talking to me. I was like HEY!! cause i thought he was the Juan Beatriz's brother.. but his last name was torres.. so I was like Waiit.. How do i know u? lol And we just started talking and as we kept talking he kept telling me how bored and lonely he was living in key west where none of his friends or family were.. If i needed a heart donor i would so kill him and take his cause he's a loner. lol Anyways but yeah he made me remember that i dont have it so bad.. So i felt good but rly bad for him so we kept talking and then 4 other ppl started talking to me and i was like Whoa ( awesome! ) and so i talked to Juan, Chris, Shana, Emir (from math class), and Brandon Blackman. LMAO i love his last name. Like i barely know him but if i ever got married to him i know i would get endless jokes about being Dr. Blackman.. and being a white female. lol Spice girls have been some of my friends too.. and im not crazy or anything but their songs just get me feeling all yeah GIRL POWER! Go us! yknow. =)
So I know i have another lj so i can write my naughty thoughts but wutever.. So another thing im thinking about that involves shawn and I's breakup is.. the sex. I'm not one of those girls who masturbates and is like oh yeah.. No. I like doing it with a lover. So I know guys can just easily masturbate and be like well MY sexual needs are gone. But when shawn broke up with me he cut MY sex life. How mean. lol So yeah.. So i've been having billions of fantasies with ppl i barely know. And it's awesome.. lol THe thing is I dont even know if i would fulfill them being to scared to catch anything and not wanting to feel like a slut. So if in about 2 weeks I dont write in this its because I imploded due to no sexyness. lol jk. I didnt have sex for about 17 years of my life.. I can deal with however long it takes for me to find someone new. Which reminds me LMAO..
I made this a long time ago.. But just added shawn into it.
I feel absolutely horrible for giving shawn such a note SEXY face lol but i wanted to portray his silliness. =) and his short hair .. lol

And this isn't like a picture of all my sucky "exs" they were all special in their own ways. And I still communicate with most of them. Others i just dont know where the heck they are. lol

So today was SUPPOSED to be my homework day but it seems like its gonna be homework night tonite. Which i gotta do now if i plan on working out. So Ta-ta! =)

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  2008.11.12  22.28
The Long And Winding Road

Its weird. I like that song yet that's the only part of it that I know. =) Okay I know I always! say this but I REALLY want to start writing more often. I can blog on myspace but it's just not the same. I feel like this really is a journal and I can choose who I want to see how my life's going. So many things have happened since the last time I was here.

Obama Won
I became single
Trying to have fun
With just college now.
Pushing my curfew for more
Time to play strategic board games.
Betty and her fugly mean hubby moved out.
I've been awaiting Nathalie's arrival.
Time's flying cause she comes in
just 8 days! WHOO!!!
And we played the first thing that came to our heads.
It was destiny!!
lol Tribute just gets me. WHOA!! Anyways I'm trying to get a class in BCC with Trevor
and another with Shawn. But neither of them are prepared to register yet.
But ARGH! According to psychology I have a type A behavior, which means someone
competitive, pressed for time, and hostile. that's crazy!!! I'm not HOSTILE! GROWL!!
=/ But yeah I'm also paranoid all the seats in the classes will go flying so tomorrow
I'm gonna push Trevor to register classes with me. We've been playing Super Nintendo when
we can. We beat Donkey Kong Country and now we're starting part 2.
Oh yea so about Shawn and I's split. It was semi-neutral even though actually he
chose to break up. And I just let him? Is that mutual? lol I'm not too sure.
All I know is that he wanted to break up cause he is entering a phase in his life that
he won't have time for me. He says he not good enough for me. And he says its not a line!
But geez so many people have told me he's lying.. But I can't help but trust his word when he says there isn't anyone else, he wants us to be close friends, and he needs time to figure out what he wants to do with his life. I've been working out like crazy and dieting
so I can look good and feel good because when I have a boyfriend my self-esteem is already
way up there but when I'm single I need a reason to have high self-esteem. Le sigh.
My parents are still losers about curfew and who I hang out with. And that is the ONLY reason
I would ever move. Other than that, home is perfectly fine.
Dude, I am a total nerd. And I like it. ;) I love the feeling I get after studying
and the feeling I get when I know I did good on a test. School is so much fun now except that I really.. don't have any friends to hang out. That's the only thing that's been bothering me this week. I'm so lonely. It's like ever since I got out of high school the only friends i had were the ones my boyfriend had introduced me to. The only person I have now is Trevor and he isn't even very reliable. I asked him to hang out Sunday morning and he just keeps pushing it back somehow that we're gonna hang out tomorrow supposedly. lol anyways I'm SOO happy my laptop got fixed!! Oh lappy-tappy.... we're reunited once again. And you're better than ever! It's like
I sent my lover to get plastic surgery and they're still the same lovable person inside. X)
I can't wait for Nathalie to come so I can talk to someone and have them respond back. Lappy Wapp has yet to learn how to talk. LOL that'd be freaky. Nathalie and I will probably go out alot and shop and ddr and hang out with her old friends and YAYAAYYAYAYAYYA!! socialism!! lol i mean socializing!! YAYAYYAYAA! I'm not sure whether I want to go to FIU or UCF after BCC.. But those types of things I just put in God's hands. Oh hey I just wrote a paper on why females who drink during pregnancy should be persecuted for child abuse if their babys ends up with SIDS or ARBDs. Sids=Sudden Infant Syndrome. ARBDs=Alcohol-related birth defects. FAS=Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. HO Yeah I'm educated lol JK! Nobody knows everything.
So I was reading Chris/Cbauman's writing and I was like WOW I wanna be able to write like that. I am only good at telling. I need to be able to show. But then again maybe it's just that I'm mooshy about love-related things. Geez I'm such a hopeless romantic even if its not about a happy love sstory. lol I love love!! It's such a powerful thing that can cause people to do things they normally wouldn't. I want a man not a boy who thinks he can!! Too much by the spicegirls. ho-YEAH! I love writing poetry It's just so much fun cause it rhymes! I'm not a huge fan for those poems that don't rhyme. =/ ANYWAYS I should go. PEACE!! <333

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  2008.06.28  02.22
Whoop-dee-doo Basil..

SOO friday as in today.. except its so late its technically saturday... was a pretty good day. =D I registered for my classes at BCC. I beat the rush of students. lol But i had to wake up at friggin 9 am. le awe. But it was aWESOME!! cuz i finally got that off my chest and yesterday i learned that in early august i will receive bright futures sooo HUZZAH!! even more off my chest. AND shawn said he isn't going to China till neext year so YAY I wont have to spend a whole month missing shawn untill next year!! THE ONLY thing that is concerning me now is.. Losing weight. Which shouldnt be too hard since i got a gym 5 minutes away from my house so yeah!! I just need motivation. HYUH!! but whenever i see pornos, i get it. It's like WOW i love her body.. then my mind is like You idiot, you have to lose weight to have a bodacious body like that.. And then i'm like.. Oh.. Then bring it on!! SOO yeah.. Anyways

Yesterday was a chill at home day.. i think.. I dunno i can't really remember... OH YEAH!! i remember having dinner with my family.. then getting a smoothie.. then passing out.. then taking a shower.. then shawn came over and we played some rock band and got five gold stars on a couple of songs.. and then i fell asleep.

As for today! I woke up early.. registered.. Went to the bank with Wawa.. Vacuum some bedrooms.. cleaned the inside of the elantra.. took a nap.. got permission to go out tied with a guilt trip of sleeping at church all the time... did laundry.. took a shower.. ate dinner.. went to the movies with Raffi, Jamar, and Shawn.. Saw Get Smart.. it was GROOD!.. Went to Shawn's house.. Watched a bunch of videos online.. Jamar left.. Raffi, SHawn and I played Pool... Shawn's parents came home and put a vibrator on raffi's back. LMAO.. it was NANNYS!! but unused. ^_^ and then Andy and Charles came.. AT THE SAME TIME!! lol so raffi left and me, andy, and charles played pool. I LOVE charles' voice its soo FUNNY! its soo like i dunno weird but cool weird yknow?? anyways shawn dropped me off... betty let me in.. i made sandwiche.. shawn called to say good night.. i played on facebook and aol for a couple of hours.. and now i'm here. Well gnite! i really oughta go to sleep. Damn.. i just KNOW i'm gonna be sleepy again in church tomorrow.. UGH.. guilt trip!! anyways PEACE!!


  2008.06.25  22.26
YEAH!! Guys SUCK!!

lol just kidding!!! well kinda. ANYWAYS! today i felt like my life had purpose.. but man it was tiring. I reorganized my room. MEANING I moved my queen size bed ALL by myself on carpet all the way to the otherside of the room. YEAH!!! whoo!! and THEN! I emptied out an entire desk and moved it into my bedroom. phew..

I learned i can do anything if i really put my mind to it. lol
i dont need to rely on guys. =P
i have room to move around
i have a desk for my laptop and for a bunch of school supplies and college stuff
my room is cleaneded
feel more mature/older
i wont have to go downstairs to study or anything... my bedroom IS my study
my bedroom now has EVERYTHING i need
I FEEEL GREAT!!! and accomplished. ::le sigh:: i love projects.

I lost the new bible study i received.. (i was like let me keep it safe and put it here... Now i cant remember where the HELL i put it. =( )
Got rid of ALOT stuffed animals, hats, and purses.
My back and neck are aching.
I also lost an old spoon i FOUND when reorganizing but lost it again.
I can't show off my bedroom to SHAWN since wawa is here. meow.

Either way i still feel awesome. Yes i know i havent updated in a while because i've been hanging out with friends for the past three days. oh yeah! Brendan's song was played on the radio saturday night! woot woot. im happy for his success. but i just wish he'd stop trying to flirt with me.

I can't remember what happened sunday but i KNOW on monday me and shawn went to lara's. Harry, lara, brendan, lara's little bro, Ansaria (a girl i knew of but never met.. but finally did), and Andy were there. We hung out in her hot tub for a while and played some dumb game i didn;t like. lol it was like if u remember ur playing the game or winning the game u lose?? i dunno i like physical games instead of mental ones where its LBLAHAHA. So yeah we then watched some videos on youtube like textmessage breakup, and some gay guys dancing and the fork in the something something. DING DING DING DING DING DING!! yeah it was funnily gay. Then we heard something about Jessie trying to makeout with harry's cousin, Karyn. SOO all the hispanics, me, harry, and andy were for going to Jessie's and taking Karyn away and being like BOO-YAH! and the white ppl lol Shawn, brendan (his skins white...), and Ansaria?? were for watching Scrubs. Ugh.. So lara went with an episode of scrubs and then AFTER we went to jessies. Karyn ended up being wasted and Jessie didnt even say hi to the mmob that was at her front door. She looked pissed cuz she was caught in the act. We all returned back to Lara's and ate (not me) platanos fritos, arroz blanco, and shredded pork. And so karyn began barfing whilst the rest of us played citadels. it took FOREVER!!! so i got bored and kinda eh-ed each round. THEN we began watching some lesbian asian movie but shawn andy and I had to go.. Andy slept over Shawn's that night. ::transition::

Tuesday same old housechores, and then Shawn called me asking if i wanted to go to the gym and i was like HYEA!! but he took like two hours to get to my house. oy.. but it was for a good reason ^_^ he was making me and him WORLDWIDE ARCHING LICENSES. yknow from Venture bros?? lol so its awesome. the ONLY thing that bothers me is that he chose the picture without me. BLEH thats like the worst picture of me. but anyways its rlly nice and SWEET of him ::le sigh:: So he came and andy decided to go to lara's and me and shawn decided to go to his house before going to the gym. So at the gym we swam and i realized... I SUCK AT SWIMMING. I'm soo slow =( i wish someone could teach me to be an awesome swimmer or sumthing but for free.. Anyways, So i got home took a shower and at dinner and then went to shawns. Shawn,roxy, raffi, jamar, shawns mom, and i played Citadels. Yeah some drama with shawn being selfish and TRYING to win a game and risking me getting punished for staying out later than my curfew but wutever. Everything turned out ok cuz shawns mom ended the game quickly. i couldn't care less about my points so we left and we watched the pest on my laptop. I love that movie!!! so yeah i ALSO can't find a pair of headphones i received with my new laptop. =( those headphones were supposed to be REALLY good. So yeah he left and we smoooched MUAHH!!! at night we both said or good nights and sleep wells.. but then around 5 ish i receive a text saying "call me if ur awake.. i can't sleep." or something like that. SO i call shawn and he's already sleeping again. lmAO. Soo we both fall asleep on the phone after telling each other how we BOTH couldnt sleep cuz we had som much on our mind. Him: becoming a medical technician Me: checking my scholarship, classes, orientation, registration. So yeah we're a cute busy bee couple. ^_^

LOVE, peace, and Chicken gRease,

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  2008.06.18  18.21

kinda THOSE were the days!! except yknow I'm focusing on the recent days cause they've been AWESOME!! =) i'm so glad andy and josh came down to visit cause i havent hadd so much fun in one summer till this one ^_^ well maybe.. i can't remember but so far yay!! ok so monday!!

Monday: After doing a bunch of housechores, shawn picked me up. =) We went to his house and met up with Andy, Rahmon, Michelle, and Josh. Michelle was like OOHH! u smell good and i was like tehe thanks. Then shawn gave me and michelle a tour of all the pictures in his house. I already knew a couple of them but i didnt mind learning every ppls name in his family again. Then when i thought he was done i sat on the floor in the study/gameroom. The guys were all lounging on the couch i guess waiting for michelle and shawn too. So josh asked how my summer was and then he invited me to go eat sushi and boomers on tuesday. and I was like ohh.. uh i dunno because tomorrows a girls day out soo i'm not sure. and he was like well bring them. and i was thinking HELL NO! so i said nah I'll figure something out. Then as an awkward silence passed i asked both josh and andy how their trips down here were gooing. When josh finished saying that his was going great, Shawn and michelle came. Then we set up the wii for super smash BRAWWL!! and we played and of course andy kicked major butt! Me, josh, and shawn began a game of citadels while andy unlocked characters and stages on brawl. Michelle and rahmon were in their own world lol being cute with each other. And so Roxy said she wanted to come over so shawn said yeah she can come so andy told her she could. lol then shawn called charles who was SUPPOSED to come over so we could play boardgames but he took forever. Soo we decided to pause the game of citadels and buy pizza. Michelle and rahmon left before we did so me josh andy and shawn all fit in josh's new saturn with catfood on the floor. lol Oh yeah when andy ordered the food he was like yeah im calling for shawn cotter but he cant talk right now cause he's pooping. lol and thhen shawn was freaking if that the pizza place would ask himm how he was feeling after the poop. lol and then WHILE shawn was in the pizza place, some guy passed josh's car and as he passed, Andy kept making the music louder and louder and when he left he muted the music. lol he said it was his new game for people outside the car. Then on the way back from getting the pizza and soda. Andy was like soo josh is driving, i got the soda, and shawn is bought the pizza, nicole what are u contributing.. and before i could say anything Shawn was like she's contributing her beauty and her presence. lol and i was like AAWWWW!! and i guess it worked cause thhey were like oh ok. lol Soo charles was there and we ate pizza whilst playing some kids game. everyone had a necklace that had the picture of an animal on it. before the game starts each player makes up a sound for their animal for the rest of the group to memorize. Then u use cards with animals on them. everyone has their own deck and places are card down and if two ppls card have the same animal on it, they battle. Whoever says the other players animal noise first, wins and give the other player his cards that he's placed down on the table. whoever gets rid of all their cards wins. Josh won. lol then we played citadels, and Roxy finally came over. Charles had to explain all the rules but at the same time, we all learned that we were doing a couple things wrong. Not HUGE things just little things.. SOO i forget who won.. i think charles did cause he wanted to get it over with. but i had alot of fun playing. i realized me and andy think the same about alot of things. OH YeAH!! shawn began making up another 9 characters to try and make the game more physical. not gross physical but like.. rock paper scissors physical. After that game we all went our separate ways cause it was already late.

SOOO i told the girls that someting came up and i couldnt do it. I asked if we could do it next week and they were like YEAH! SO! to my parents i was going out with the PGCubed but i was actually with the same group from monday. As always i did housechores and then! i drove to shawns and picked him up for a change. lol i felt bad tho. cause i was in my ddr mood so i made us listen to ddr music the whole to Boomers. We got their and it was andy, josh, beatriz, michelle, rahmon, and lara whom i havent seen in AGES! so it was cool to see her again. she hasnt changed much tho. lol . Soo the first thing andy wants to do is play ddr with me so i tell shawn to use all the money i had which i THOUGHT was 15 dollars to buy the unlimited boomers card whilst we used joshs card to play. So we played a couple rounds of ddr and then everyone says lets do go carts! so we did. the whole way there me and shawn start contemplating who should go because we were SHARING a card. I said i didnt want to go because i wanted him to go. but then i realized when i was the only one on the sideline that i was RLY sad. but then Shawn was like use ur card! and then i ask the man if i can use the card and so when i swipe it it says its already being used but i guess he can tell that i was sad so he was like ok u can go. So i was like EE but then i realized i was the VERY last person.. soo i was sad again. cause i knew i wouldnt be able to catch up to anyone. Soo i was driving and then halfway thru i realize that michelle got stuck somewhere so yay! i cut her. and then i think that was it for the first time. then the second time we raced I was in competitive mode and beat shawn, lara, andy, michelle but then she cut me off at the last second. darn but i STILL felt good. ^_^ soo then we left and shawn was like OK i'm gonna get another card cause it obviously wasnt good if we shared one. OH YEA! and then the whole time i thought we split the cost for that one card but it turned out that i actually gave him 24 dollars and that paid for one card. So the card w were sharing was actually mine. but wutever so he got his own and me and andy played more rounds of ddr. Then we all waited for about 30 minutes or so to play laser tag. While we waited we sang the circus song.. yknow da da dada da da daaaa da da DA da da dada da da daaaa da da DA DA dadadada DA dadadada DA dadadada dadadadadadadada. Then we played telephone and i remember one starting as lara has bad collagen and then it ending as Shawn smells like chlamidya? anyways then one started with nothing and ended with carebears smell like niggers. lol Soo we played lasertag in teams. the couples: me shawn michell and rahmon.. against the singles: lara, andy, beatriz, and josh. the singles won but it was because nobody on the couples team knew where we were supposed to be shooting! lol like i was shooting ppls back but NO! we were supposed to shoot ppl's pads. anywayys! lol so then we played mini golf BUT josh and beatriz left because they were eating lunch with other friends or something. Soo then we split into other teams. The SNL team: shawn nicole lara against the RAM or ARM team: Rahmon andy and michelle.Andy began kinda cheating and not caring about points but our team was very competitive but then lara saw that andy was having fun so she began being silly too and then EVERYBODY except me and michelle was being sillly and losing all their balls. lol. Then everyone gave up and lara and andy basically ran off back to the games. So we all did our separate things. me and shawn began racing on some motorcycle thing which was fun and the rahmon joined in and andy was messing with our bikes makig us screw up. lol. And then something happened and everyone was like GO carts again! soooo we did it again.. rahmon and lara cut me off but i still wasnt last whoohoo! lol and then the SECOND second time, we played with another group of ppl and oh yeah rahomon couldnt ride because two black guys cut us off. GRR!! soo yeah it was kinda sad but yeah i beat a couple of the other ppl. woot. but then i realized i was extremely physically tired. soo after watching rahmon and shawn play house of the dead 4? until about 9:25 we left to get mcdonalds and play citadels at my house. =) i LOVE HIM! i mean we REALLY are compatible its just sometimes we see things in VERY different ways. but yeah that happens in every realtionship. le sigh. <33333

ThEN! shawn called me and told me to look outside because there was a cloud behind my house that seems to spasm and had awesome lightning come out of it. ^_^ so i videotaped it and then uploaded the pictures taken in the past two days onto my computer. THESE WERE THE DAYS!!

Btw about TODAY?? i lounged the whole day. YEAH! thats awesome. but i know around 11 me and shawn are going to the gym.. i dunno if i wanna swim or do some sort of treadmill thing. Anyways peace!!


  2008.06.16  00.50
Daddy's Day

Welp! i didnt see my dad today but i called him right when I woke up. ^_^ Then I gave Brian his father's day card and made sure not to be around when he read it because i feel so awkward and embaressed when ppl read stuff that i wrote to them RIGHT in front of me. lol its like DUDE i couldve just told it to u instead of u reading it while im right next to u. but wutever!

but yeah yesterday while Wawa and mommy were at some barbeque, I was playing Lego Indiana Jones and then i hear a knock on my door. Brian comes in and kneels next to my bed and starts asking me how my life is now that I'm 18. I told him it was good just that I wished I had more freedom. He said it's hard for my mom since 1 im a girl and 2 im the baby but he'd try to help her loosen the reigns. Then he asked about Shawn. And I said I love him and if he's the one he's the one but if he isn't then I just gotta cope with that. Then He was like btw.. I know wut happened on prom night. And it was SOO awkward cause well yknow he was talking about me and shawn doing the Naughty stuff. I just felt SOOO horrible because well we were playing "chess" long before prom but yeah brian was like I like Shawn and i'm not gonna tell u not to do it because it is a wonderful thing. And I was like yeah.. And then we changed the subject to our house and financial problems.. I wish we could just leave this house and live in a small apartment and live good instead of living in an okay house and not being able to spend any money for anything. The mortgage is just waay to high. ugh but today when i suggested it to mommy she was like no im too old to start my life over again like that. le sigh.. anyways how the conversation ended with brian was that he LOVED me like a daughter very much even though yknow he's not my dad. and that out of my sisters yknow.. im the best MUAHAHAHAH!! well he didnt say that but yknow thats what he wanted to say. But yeah i felt emotional because u could tell he wanted to cry when he said those things and i had NEVER seen brian cry. So yeah he said we were going to the movies later on so i took a nap and apparently while i was taking a nap everyone else in my house did too. So when i woke up expecting to go to the movies, Brian was still sleeping. lol oh boi. I was then told that we were to see Kung Fu Panda early the next morning.. meaning on fathers day. hooray! i cant remembeer what else i did that day.. OH YEAH! i just looked at college stuff the rest of the day and made a to do list for me to follow starting monday.

Other than yesterday I feel like saying I'm really happy that me and betty are becoming close again. BECAUSE i felt like when Lacy was living with us betty replaced me with her. Everytime i ever tried telling betty something she'd feel offended or like she had to answer me back with attitude and i'd be like Chill! I was just saying.. or Chill! i was just gonna ask u... but yeah I love my sisters SOO MUCH!! its hard to believe yknow?? like I will always try and help them but OMGOSH i hate richard soo much. I wish betty would divorce him SOO bad! =( it hurts so much to hear the guy u hate banging ur sister. Anyways now that lacy moved out and dick usually works alot, betty and i have been doing inside jokes and being like haha lets go swimming.. (but i KNOW procrastination will get her.. so we'll NEVER get to go swimming but wutever its nice to dream of that day) and yeah i cant say much more other than we've been getting along much better. ^_^ Then there's nathalie whom I can't wait to see!!! ::tear tear:: i MISS HER!!! Again I love her like crazy and she has been my rolemodel for many years of my life. Since she just split up with Cookie i can't wait to hug her and be like lets go out and have some FUN!!! cause as much as i think marriage sounds awesome, i love it when me, betty, and nathalie go out on our OWN! no husbands no boyfriends just US!! when we're together its pure bliss! <333 I really hope the new place she is moved to is somewhere in florida.. Hopefully Tampa.. Cause later on i wanna go to USF. but either way a place in florida would be AWESOME! ::tear tear::

SSOOO today.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! even though its 1:13 of the next day but WUTEEVA!! Today was awesome. =) I can't help it.. I LOVE getting out of my house. it isn't that i dont like my house i just love yknow going out?? i dunno how to describe it. lol but u get the jist. Anyways I woke up called my dad, wrote brians card, went downstairs cause my grandma was yelling that breakfast was ready, so i changed into a nice summer dress i bought for gradnite but couldnt wear cause they were being dumb. They said guys couldnt wear FREAKIN undershirts?!?! isnt that crazy?? they were like.. u gotta take that off. I wore the dress and a mini jacket over it and they were like.. go home and change. ERR!! but gradnite was awesome! w00t! anyways back to today i went downstairs and gave brian his card and kissed him happy fathers day! hooray! then we all ate breakfast while watching drumline?? lol how random. Normally we dont eat at the tv like that but it was fathers day so we complied with watever brian wanted. Then Brian was like lets go to the movies now. and i was like Yeah! cmon betty lets go! and she was like I wanna see that movie with other people. and i was like =( thats mean... But either way the movie was AWESOME!! i thought kung fu panda was gonna SUCK! but it was grrr-ate! So afterwards when we arrived back home to pick up betty and go to the mall. We built a turtle that looked like my dad at build a bear workshop. I thought of a turtle waaaay loong ago but then my mom reassured me and said a turtle would be good because when my dad was young they called him Tortuga (turtle.) BECAUSE he was a good soccer player but he was kinda slower than the other guys at running. lol. How cute! SOO!! we did that and went to payless afterwards just too look but i was thinking man i would really like to get a job... maybe payless is calling for me. but then i changed my mind and was like NAaAHH!!! to betty who needed me to speak for her everywhere we went because she has a sore throat. le AWW!! soo yeah it was so cute me taking care of her. <33 So then we went home and my friend tony told me he just got a job delivering chinese food and that they were hiring another person and that he wanted me to try. SO! i asked my parents and they were like NO! delivery ppl go thru problems and blah blah ur a girl. =P oy! So i was like sorry tony i cant do it and he was like man.. i actually was excited about it. and i was like yeah me tooo. so then i went into my room and lied down for about 15 minutes staring at the ceiling and then brian knocks betty and my door. and he's like hey lets go eat chinese peruvian. So it was crazy but the first words that flew out of my mouth were What did betty say?? and betty was like I can't go cause lacys coming.. and again Betty didnt come out for a family thing so at first i was sad again cause i really wanna spend time with her bbut of course at the restaurant when the food came i totally forgot.. and was like yum yum YUMM!! and like always i regretted eating so much and was like =( IM FAT!!! WAAH!! Then brian bought krispy kremes.. yucky.. and mommy was like it feels like he buys fattening stuff to keep me from losing weight on purpose. But ANYWAYS!! lol we went to wal-mart afterwards and saw a dress my mom wanted to buy for me which is very odd because i havent received clothes from my mom since i was in middle school but yeah i was soo willing to take it except i didnt't like it on me. SOO! she bought it for herself. And she looks really good in it ^_^ lol so then when we got home betty richard and lacy were going to the movies.. What a surprise. I felt dirty for being near richard so i took a shower. lol thats not true but i DID take a shower and THEN! for some odd reason i got the urge to start CLEANING!! i get those now and then. So i cleaned my room and danced to music and whenever i went downstairs, i began tidying up. and my mom was liike LE AWW!! And then while i was in my room my grandma was like SHAWN' here!! soo i went with shawn to his place. He gave me back the gamecube controllers i was missing and then we played chess and then he dropped me off and was like ur so beautiful.. i love u baby. Call u when im in bed. and i was like Le sIGH!!! Soo oh yeah when i got to my room i realized i forgot the flower shawn got for me at a wedding the night before at his house. OH YEaH!! soo shawn had a REALLY bad day at work and soo on our way to his house we had a mini argument but I KNEW it was just cause he was still mad but then at the very beginning of our game of CHESS baby im sorry for making u mad. I just had a very bad day and was mad all day. and soo we had an AWESOME game of chess tonight. I've been wet since. SO!! i was like WELL how am i gonna spend the rest of my night?? hmmm... So i got my laptop and went to my myspace, facebook, aolmail, fazed, and newgrounds. HAHA i saw some pretty funny new videos. i can't wait to show em to betty ^_^ Anyways!! yeah and then i was like Well NOW WHAT?!?!?! aand then i remembered i hadn't done a livejournal in more than a day or two.. so ta-da!! here i am!! i WAS gonna post a picture but i know ppl complain about that kinda stuff like "IT TAKES FOREVER FOR THE page to LOAD!! ARRR its cause of ur pictures GRROAWL!!" lol soo i guess i'll paint the picture i was gonna post, with my words.

The picture: My dad's father's day gift. A stuffed turtle. It body is green and the shell is a light tan. The turtle has blue jeans on and a collared button up blue shirt with some vertical shite stripes. Then it has black shades covering his BEAUTIFUL eyes. His name is Bone Daddy because a long time ago.. i wanna say we as in me and betty but I remember it was just me beacuse i was in my whole nightmare before christmas phase and bought him a shirt with Jack Skellington on it with the words Bone Daddy on it. =) i think it was a christmas present lol. he never saw the movie and after that shirt ppl at his work were like hey bone daddy or like ur bad to the bone and corny stuff like that. lol so he began to like the shirt and asked to see the movie. It took him months to finally finish it because he kept falling asleep during it. LOL how cute.But yeah thats the story of Bone Daddy. <333

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

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  2008.06.13  13.42
Yesterday... love was such an easy GAME to PLAY!!

Yesterday was AwESOME!! it was probably the most fun I have had in.. ever since prom. =) which was full of fun too! SOO yeah yesterday morning i went with my dad to BCC and got myself admitted and blah blah. It turns out the classes I plan to take later on will be SUPER hard. But thats why hopefully I wont need to work so I can focus on my studies. But GEEZ!! I'm worried cause as much as I think I'm smart, I'm scared I'm not. So after that we called the house a billion times to see if dinner was ready but no one answered.. le HMMM.. SO! we went to Wendys.

I originally planned to stay the night at my dads house and go to the beach the next morning BUT I got a call from Shawn saying Andy was in town and that a whole BUNCH of band ppls were going to the Mall. and I was like SWEET!! I've been longing for social interaction for forever!! but then i was like Oh yeah.. i'm spending today and tomorrow with my dad. ::tear tear:: I told my dad the predicament i was in and he was like Yeah!! go spend time with ur friends I have things to do too. So i Was like SWEEET!!! and We happily went our separate wayys after eating Wendys. THEN I called Shawn but he NEVER answers his phone so I thought about it and was like HEY! Lara's with him! So I called her and she said they all went THEIR spearate ways. Soo i was like.. "oh.." and then I finally reached Shawn and he said everyone went to his house. He picked me up and I realized EVERYONE was only Andy, Rahmon, Roxy, Josh (Michelle's brother), and obviously Shawn. At first we played Brawl, then Mario Kart, and we saw silly videos on youtube. I think it was youtube poop and akelaa the bee or something like that. lol it was silly and random. Just what I like.

So Andy was typing the entire time choosing what to show the group of ppls. And then Roxy and Rahmon told him to type Niggerfaggot. So he searched it but for some ODD reason, the computer's internet seemed to go away. SOO! i saw it as a sign that the internet was offended for being called a Niggerfaggot. lol. But yeah it was SOO cute! Shawn kept tryingg to get them to see things I had showed him before like The Whitest Kids you know or What Am I? . He was like Ok well then AFTER Figgerfaggot we'll see what Nicole has. and i was like le AWWW!! So yeah so after we realized the internet was acting yakko, wacko, and dot! lol Andy was like SMOOTHIES!!! and Roxy was like OK! I gotta go! so after she left almost immediately Michelle arrived.. Oh Michelle, Rahmon's girlfriend. SO we all went in Shawn's mom's car and got gas, went to the Smoothie place next to Blockbuster and it was funny cause we were waiting their sipping on our straws and were like, "so what are we waiting for?" it was like "i dunno i thought u were gonna order something and hahahahah" u had to be there. SO!! Then we strolled around inside blockbuster. Then andy was like dude that guy is totally looking at ur boobs and then i looked who he was talking about and i was like Oh its ok! I know him! So I went and said hi to my friend Mike who i had weighttrainning with the first semester senior year. After a small awkward conversation I skipped back to where shawn and andy were. No one ended up renting anything so we decided to go to the gas station again but THIS time to get Godfather's pizza. I wasnt hungry but I heard Michelle was I guess cause she came from work or sumthin. SOO yeah we picked up pizza and headed back to Shawn. OH YEAH! lol Andy kept calling right nut. and Rahmon called left nut. lol So Andy said michelle was the penis and me and shawn were the legs. HAHAH get it? like its a man lying down. the front two seats of the car are the legs and the middle seats are the left nut, the penis, and the right nut. lol oh yeah and josh sat in the very back and he was the BODY!!

Soo we went back to Shawnn's and ate pizza while watching the Venture Bros. We only saw two episodes.. the Yard Sale one and the episode that introduces Dr. Orpheous. I realized me and andy were kinda getting bored. So after the second episode Andy and Josh played mario kart while unlocking characters and Michelle and Rahmon, and Me and Shawn played Cranium the COUPLES edition! lol nah we just made teams up with our boyfriends/girlfriends. So yeah we lost by smidget but lol it SUCKED cause they got extremely easy ones!! lol like what crop is being grown on this picture?? and it was obviously WHEAT!! lol but wutever it was fun! me and michelle wanted to keep playing but the guys seems hesitant. So i dunno what Shawn went to do but I started putting the game away. Then Shawn was like HEY! lets play citadels! and the only other person who knew what he was talking about, which was rahmon, was like YEAH!! So Shawn and I went to Charles' house to pick up Citadels. It was some REALLY cool card game where you build buildings and its not just about getting the first 8 buildings made, but its about doing a point system too. Cause in the end, you get all ur points counted and obvioiusly whoever has the most wins! I was second place with 39 or 38 points. Shawn won with 47 and rahmon had 33. Not sure what Josh and Michelle had but either way I had to ask for a later curfew just to finish the AWESOMENESS of which is called CITADELS. YAY!! ^_^ btw i never realized how much I MISSED ANDY and LARA! ::tear tear:: They bring up such good memories. SOO!! Once we finished the game it was 12:20! EEEK!! I told Betty i'd be home by 12:30! So I was like Shawn hurry up hurry up hurry up! That's one thing i don't like. Having to depend on someone else. but either way i wanted to be walked to my front porch RAWR! SO!! Rahmon and Michelle left. and Andy, Josh, Shawn, and I drove RLY fast to my house. VROOOM!!! haha it was cute seeing Shawn rush just for me. GOSH I LOVE HIM! SO! I said my goodbyes to each and everyone to andy it was like, "See u eventually" to Josh it was "Nice meeting yo your excellency" To michelle it was "I'm sure I'll see u soon.' to rahmon "hehe bye" and to shawn "MAKE OUT!" lol i know i know i didnt shout it out. lol we just hugged and kissed goodbye. I think Andy and Josh were gonna sleep over shawns house and lay citadels one more time. lol too bad SHawn won again. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! SOO!! yeah yesterday was awesome. ^_^ I LOVE people who arent loud and like HEY LETS SMOKE or who are like ITS ALL ABOUT ME! yknow?? with this group of people i had an awesome and fun time. no awkwardness or nada! le sigh i hope it happens again soon. <33333

Andy, Shawn, and Roxy

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  2008.06.11  20.39
Love Sweet Love <3

So i'm PRETTY sure that my last post was on friday or sumthin and the reason I DIDNT get to write on saturday was because it was my One year and Three month anniversary with Shawn-sito. lol SOOO i thought i'd dedicate a few paragraphs to how that day was and all about my luveydubbywubby. Even tho currently we're having a TIFF <-- he says its a (Whatever argument) i remember how I felt on the BEE-YOU-TIF-FUL day. ::flash back::

On one wonderful saturday morning a girl whose name happens to be Nicole went to church. Afterwards she called her hugababybugaboo and he said he was on his way to her house. She shrieked, "Ai! I'm not ready yet!" So as she hung up her phone she dashed up the stairs and into her bedroom searching for the perfect outfit. For you see, today's date was not any ordinary date, it was a date to celebrate their anniversary. Le aww. Just as she finished buckling her belt she saw through her bedroom window her boyfriend's car pull up beside her house. Wait That's not what happened! lol After church Nicole had lunch with her family. It was her favorite, aji de gallina. Nicole went to check her phone and see if she got any messages while she was eating. It turns out that Shawn left a voicemail ten minutes before saying he was on his way to her house. When she finished listening to his sweet voice, she heard the doorbell. Ding-Dong! She answered the door dressed as she was in her red dress which was conservative enough for church.
He said, "You ready?"
"Depends. What are we gonna do?"
"Go to the mall and the movies or something."
"Okay then let me go change."
Nicole flew to her bedroom and put on a pink tank top and short black shorts. Of course, she put on perfume that had the power to tempt her lover. or whatever. When she returned downstairs the couple left the house almost immediately. First, they went to Golf Galaxy to try and buy fathers day presents for her boyfriend's father. Afterwards, they left to go to his job and pick up his schedule. Their next stop was the Mall. The went to Fye where her boyfriend, Shawn, bought Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. The strolled past the stores and went into Hallmark to buy Father's Day cards. It was hard to get around because every store in the mall was crowded with people and baby carriages, even Nine West was full. They bought cards they felt were perfect for their dads and soon entered Gamestop. Nicole was too shy to bother the worker so Shawn reluctantly asked the worker if they had any of the Lego Indiana Jones games for DS left. The worker told him that there was one in the other Gamestop and that they would hold it just for them. They headed straight for the second gamestop and bought The Lego Indiana Jones Game and The Sims 2 with the gift card Nicole had received for her birthday. Happily they walked into Spencers and stole something that was in an open box. Then they quickly went to Borders and searched for books that caught their interest. Nicole looked for the mangas that she collected and was dissappointed that they didnt have them. She wished aloud that Tate's were closer to her house. Shawn was deeple interested in the Star Wars books and tried to understand what the order of them were, but neither him, nor the Borders Worker knew. They decided that it was time for them to go to the movies, so the arrived at muvico a few minutes later. Muvico was also very busy. Good parking spaces were very hard to find. They had planned on seeing Indiana Jones, but Nicole persuaded Shawn into seeing Don't Mess With Zohan. It couldn't have been a better movie for them to see together. The movie was as random and funny as their relationship. After laughing and cuddling throughout the movie, they left to Shawn's house. They made sweet sweet love and then watched Finding Nemo with his mom. lol. After that, Shawn wanted to show both Nicole and his mom the movie he bought. Twenty minutes into the movie, his mom passes out and Nicole's left eye becomes red because of the cats' fur. It was already late anyway, so Shawn and Nicole left to go to her house. They ate Wendys and watched the Dave Chappelle show. When it was about one o clock in the morning Shawn left to go to his house and called Nicole when he was in bed. They said their good nights and whispered their I love Yous and slept with their phones next to their ears.

Ta-DAAA!! lol that was how my anniversary was spent!! then ever since then these past couuple of days have been DREADFULLY boring. ::tear tear:: the GOOD news is that I arranged a hangout on friday with some of my friends that used to have lunch with me. Hooray!! A get together!! Oh yeah today!! i lost forty dollars, went to costamar, went home, brendan came over, we walked/talked around my neighborhood, he left, my parents came, we ate, we went to some ice cream place called Jaxsons?, i played Sims 2 (<-- its getting boring..), watched my grandma go through the clothes me and betty are giving away to Peru, finished my laundry, and then decided to touch my laptop. I didn't want to play with it that much UNTIL my grandma stopped sleeping with me. lol eww. Lacy is supposedly moving out friday so we'll see what happens. Either way my update is: I'm bored out of my mind. I wanna go out and play me some ddr just to forget about anything thats bothering me.., i wanna talk to shawn, i wanna play racquetball or volleyball, i wanna swim, I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna really really really wanna zigazig AHH!! If you want my future forget my PAST!! if u wanna get with me!! better make it FAST!! lol anyways umm heres a pic of the new graduated Nicole from class of 2008!! Waahhh and the crowd goes wild.. Wow.. i need someone to talk to. lol.

GRRR =( me and shawn are having an argument. Ok so here's the thing.. I know its lame and everything but everynight he calls me so that we can sleep together on the phone. Everynight! And BEFORE when we first started going out he was like i dunno if i wanna do this because when me and riva (his ex) did this. She wouldnt be able to sleep unless he called her. NOW!! ever since summmer started I havent been able to sleep until 2. then it became 3 and then 4 and last night it was 5. Sooo I dunno if u guys remember but when I couldnt go to sleep I would call ppl. Talk and then hang up when i was ready to pass out. Ever since me and shawn have gotten extremely close I havent called those late night people because I'd feel awkward yknow. like i was doing something bad. But ANYWAYS so the only person i call or text when i cant go to sleep is Shawn! i mean ugh so anyways today out of NOWHERE he's like u can't go to sleep without me calling you?? and im like wut the hell?? who do u think u are?? god?? i dont NEED u to sleep. in fact when he called me LAST NIGHT i fell asleep AFTER he hugn up! UGH! =( SO THEN he was like well when u text me like hello?!? it feels like ur mad at me and then i said fine i wont ever call or txt u at night. i'lll just talk to other ppl. but dont tell me ur gonna call me if u arent going to. and then he's like when have i done that? and i was told him i was talking about in the future not to do that. but then i changed my mind and said you dont hafto call me anymore to sleep. If you think i'm becoming like riva then stop calling me at night. SOOO yeah ugh! i hate arguing thru texts!!! =( this sucks SOO bad!! i mean we havent had an argument in MONTHS! i guess it was bound to happen huh?? =(

ANYWAYS!!! ugh... i dont NEED a man to live, sleep, or have fun. As much as i LOVE ROMANCE!!! le sigh.. Men?? peh. BUT arguments come and go i guess. I'm sure tomorrow everything will be ok. love peace and chicken grease.. BTW this song has been stuck in my head ALL day..

Cherish is the word I use to describe
All the feeling that I have hiding here for you inside
You don't know how many times I've wished that I had told you
You don't know how many times I've wished that I could hold you
You don't know how many times I've wished that I could
Mold you into someone who could
Cherish me as much as I cherish you

Oh I'm beginning to think that man has never found
The words that could make you want me
That have the right amount of letters, just the right sound
That could make you hear, make you see
That you are drivin' me out of my mind

Oh I could say I need you but then you'd realize
That I want you just like a thousand other guys
Who'd say they loved you With all the rest of their lies
When all they wanted was to touch your face, your hands
And gaze into your eyes

Perish is the word that more than applies
To the hope in my heart each time I realize
That I am not gonna be the one to share your dreams
That I am not gonna be the one to share your schemes
That I am not gonna be the one to share what
Seems to be the life that you could
Cherish as much as I do yours

OH SNAP!!! i tOLD U!!! he just sent me a text: Forget it just pretend this didn't happpen. I'll still call at night. See u after work I love u baby. SEE!! and u know whats crazy?? as soon as the song Cherish finished playing i got the text and Boogie Wonderland popped up.. I'm HAPPY!!! I love my man!!!! i find romance when i start to dance!! btw sorry for taking so much space on ur ppl's friends page.
mucho LOVE-O! <33333

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  2008.06.07  01.44
Writer's Block: A Last Day Well Spent

If you knew it was your last day on earth, how would you spend the time?
 Hmm, I'd probably have a huge breakfast.. tell my family how awesome they are and take group pictures.. Spend some time with my love telling him how I wished to marry him and then we'd make love.. Write a huge journal entry reflecting my life and saying goodbye to the world but not in an emo way... go out for an awesomely expensive and huge dinner, go to the movies, then go to church and pray and be like Wuddup god. love ya and btw please forgive me for all my sins.. Then i'd go to gameworks and DDR the night away.. hopefully i'd have time to go home, take a shower/bath, get in soft snuggly clothes and then sleep happily. =)

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  2008.06.06  15.43
Oh boy Oboy!!!

^_^ I can't believe it.. after soo much time of not having a laptop.. I GOT ONE AGAIN!! hooray!

Jeez i was reading my last entries and those were from like transitioning from the end of sophomore year to junior year!! thats a whole two years you missed me u sexy journal wournal! ::tear tear:: i didn't mean to leave u for soo long. But i SWEAR on all the chocolate i just ate, that I WILL write to u more often. lol I cant say FOREVER and EVER but i will say more than i did for the past two years. le sigh... How ya doin??? U really are one of my best friends because i can talk to u WHENEVER and u will never think i'm stupid or CRaaZZYY!! @v@ but rlly?? do u think I am?? hmmMMMMMmmMMM??

SOOO!!!! ok update on my life!! SOO Junior Year:
I DID end up getting out of AP english and went to ENglish honors which was awesome beacuse Potato and Trumpet Michelle were in my class. Sweet.. I just HAD to sit next to them yknow> i just HAD to. Potato and I became close but then Jannete broke her friendship with and told potato never to talk or see mee which was impossible!! because unless she wanted him to skip english class everyday.. we were BOUND to see each other. BOUND!!! But yeah so he TRIED and I ended up making a new friend named Joey. He was a RREeaAAllLLYY weird and literally crazy guy but so what! I ended up getting a crush on him but never told him till senior year teehee when we had a class together again. He ended up confessing he had had a crush on me too and it was like WHY DIDNT U TELL ME!!! cause i thought u were too hot for me lol. SILLY ::blush blush:: the only thing i didnt like about him other than him being too aggressive was that he did drugs.. I BETCHA!! if he didnt do drugs he'd be the coolest guys ever!! but then again he said drugs helped him lose a ton of weight sooooooo eh.. i dont like BIG guys. but wutever =( he endedup dropping out of highschool midway of senior year. meow... i think it had something to do with the cops or just the way he was living cause i mean he had a really intense story. It'd be awesome if he ended up growing up to be smart and intellectual and speaking all proper like righty-o mate. BUT BACK TO JUNIOR YEAR!! Marching band was pretty awesome because our show was all about Queen whom I love... more than the Queen!?!? but yeah!! and stephany was always next to me which was KEWL OMGOSH!! i remember us running back and forth from set to set screaming and being like WHhahwhahahwhdahhawwahhah!! lMAO those were the DAYS! lol she likes one of the only people i can truly be stupid with.. BUT YEAH!!! The freshman were TOTAL knowitalls which is weird cause the frshman before them were SLUTTY mcSLUTS!! and then my senior year they were BEoTCHES.. They seem to be morphing... but yeah Junior Year was extremely hard academically.. then after marching season was winter guard season which mommy and i already agreed that i wouldnt do cuz it would affect my religious life.. It was soo hard telling miss O i wouldnt do it but then we came to a compromise that I could join her 1st hour band class.. AND I WAS LIKE SWEEETT!!!!! I will finally be where I TRULY belong.. with band people. And then to make it better.. I was with the percussion area!! I was in Heaven.. yes in HeaveN!! Soo yeah i did that and then Winter Percussion came up and I remembered that the last time there was winter percussion they had dancers... I LOVE DANCING!! sooo i asked mrs O if i could be a dancer.. and then i heard the theme was NINTENDO and I was like AHH!H!H! i gottta be in it!! and SOoooOOOO some time after nagging Chris O farril to let there be dancers he was like ok... but there cant only be 1.. sooo Mrs O asked alexis to join me. Which i had fun with till i found out she didnt like me so i decided to hate her. lol but yeah.. She told ppl that she hit me with the stick we fought with when she totally didn't.. So then later on she tried but i had my guard up the whole time.. Its just kinda sad tho cuz i mean it just proves how FAKE some people really are.. We had soo much "fun" together. We rollerskated around the cafeteria and the entire school and stole gatorades.. but wutever.. so then i began going out with Michael belancourt cuz well.. okk.. i'm only telling u Journal wournal but.. I over heard Jasmie from the twirlers saying how she SOOO wanted to get with him and blah blah blah i'd tap that.. and i was like HELLZ NO! so i tried everything i could to get him to go out with me. lol isnt that horrible??? but then i did likee him alot and then yeah.. so after giving him all my love! he dumps me through a note. I mean he's soo ugh!! but its weird.. i'm still friends with him.. but i did LEARN THAT he is a horrible boyfriend, love maker, and blsdifsdlfj. ^_^ but im still friends with him. I dunno why.. I like him. he's a really cool guy. SOOOO yeah so THEN after one of the percussion competitions Shawn and Raffi (two ex bandplayers who graduated 2006) came to see us perform. I was sooo SOOO checking Raffi out. Just cause i like silly funny guys. Soo after that competition Alexis, Shawn, Raffi, Me, and Andy decided to go to coldstone AFTER we contemplated running around Wal-mart dressed in our costumes.. lol But oddly enough Andy didnt want to do it. SOO!! yeah and after having a talk with Alexis I found out Shawn was single. I was like DAMN! i wanna try and get with him.. but .. but.. i dont really know him.. soo we met through myspace and began messaging each other. then txt messaging each other and then just when I had tony thinking WE were gonna go out.. shawn and i began dating. lol .. i feel so bad for tony cause we've "talked" so many times.. but yknow wut i've reallized over the years.. we are too the same.. We'd be better best friends than dating-type of friends. SOO yeah he's one of my closest friends about now. which is SOOO unexpected. But yeah so Shawn and i have STILL been going out. LE SIGH!!!! oh YEAH! winter percussion .. we always gotta atleast top three.. AND


Ok soo where was I?? oh yea!! SOOO Junior year I was in Integrated math 3 which was pretty hard so i ALSO got out of that class.. I feel like such a loser but if i hadnt have gotten out! my gpa would have drastically lowered. ANYWAY so I went to colorguard fourth block MEANING I had band first block and colorguard fourth block.. It was AWESOME!! My final ended up being a group one unlike sophomore year when I dnced to Out Tonight from RENT by myeslf.. Rawr.. But yeah it ended up being me, faith, jannette, and Melanie. We dressed up in lingerie and danced to Mr. Brightside. Which im listening to NOW!! whahahaha! anyways it was SOO funny!!! we wore dresses over the lingerie and on the I think second chorus of of when he sings: "shes touching his chest now.. he takes off her dress now.. " We tore off each others dresses. LMAO!!! we never practiced it because when we were gonna rip them off yknow.. theyd be destroyed.. Soo it was a disaster but a hilarious one at that.. Jannettes boobs popped out and her butt was sticking out LMAO. I think i was the only smart one because instead of wearing the actual underwear we bought together i wore tight short shorts.. haha! and at the end my boobs popped out too. LUCKILY no guys were there to see our first performance but then afterwards we tried it again and it went well.. but yeah Ben and i think Arthur orr ernest was there for the 2nd performance.HAHAHA it was embaressingly funny.. But yeah we got an A because Mrs O thought we were as sexy as Mr. O! yes i know many ppl think he's a douche bag but i KNOW he was good looking someday and hes REALLY funny so yknow what??!?!?! i think he's awesome and yknow wut ELSE?? i like Mrs. O!! At graduation yesterday it was awesome seeing her conduct and look back at me with such happiness and amazement that i dyed my her and love in her feyes.. Le sigh i think i love her.. ANYWAYS!!! ::clears throat:: So yeah!! TheN after junior year was SUMMER!!

Hmmm yknow wuts sad.. I cant really remember what I Did.. OH YEAH!! i got my first job at Sedanos.. which was pretty cool cause i made mad money BUT it was such a hard and strenous, stressful job!!! such time limits and barely any help. and not to mention it is DIFFICULT trying to please hispanics. UGH!! But yeah wut else?? yknow just Shawn and mine's love growing and growing.. ::blush:: he's the best.. I dont think I couldve found a better more compatible boyfriend than Shawn.. BUT i know in the future im gonna look back at this and be like HAHAHA Nicole ur soo foolish.. But wutever FUTURE SELF!! =P OH yeah there was no band trip junior year because not enough people payed. also Senior year too... but thats another story.. oh yeah BAND CAMP: cool and sentimental since it was the last one. :tear tear:: But this was one of the most AWESOMEST years for marching season.. Senior year everyone respects you and takes ur advice. huzzah! I wasnt the flag captain Michelle was.. but yknow wut.. HAHAH i had soo much of a say in alot of things. and to tell u the truth i could care less was Michelle thought of me. She had to deal with all the stress and other captains and the Os complaining to her. I couldd direct the flag girls and not have to deal with that AND still be liked. lol the show was AWESOME!! we finall changed our costumes to school girls outfits because the theme was Schools Out.. 1: Hot for teacher 2. Some stupid song. 3 Another brick in the wall 4. Schools out for summer!! OH YEAH!! we got to dance with huge pencils which looked super cool from far away!! =) damn we ROCK! oh yeah soo Ely and michelle dropped out midway through the season.. pfft. I ended up not doing winterguard because YKNOW WUT?!?!? they made the cost 1300 dollars!! oh yeah and they tried doing an A and B guard and when people found out they were in the B guard they began quitting.. Some people are SOO immature.. gosh.. But YEAH!! ^_^ they said I SOOO woudlve been awesome for the A guard and that they wanted me BADLY.. kristie wanted me.. ::sizzle:: soo all my classes senior year have been easY!! OH SNAP!! I almost forgot during DECEMBER nathalie came down and we all went to Peru. and by all I mean Richard included. GOSH he ruined a huge portion of it. but ANWAYS!!! it was cool! we went to tacna and saw Grandpa and mommys bro Aurelio who had a CLINGY little daughter. OH BTW Ruben was awesome taxi driver and OH!! Mauricio is AWESOME!!! he's probably one of the coolest funniest uncles. Soo yeah I ALWAYS lose weight when we go to Peru so WHOOHO!! i did and we bought a ton of clothes that i apparently dont wear. lol but they ARE nice. man I miss nathalie!! we watched fushigi yuugi, family guy, played Brainage, watched Boat Trip in spanish, and went Shopping!! i can't wait for her to come again during the winter season again?? not sure rlly.. ANNYWAYS!! senior year easy classes overall which resulted in me having straight As.. stressful applying to universities which is ironic cause ive decided to go to BCC but WUTEVER!! i'm cool and I rule the land of Sleeping When Youse Drool. I thought all hope was gone when it came to friend but at the very end of senior year I became friends with Jamie, a loving laid back friend of Stephanie.. Steven whom I've known since freshman year and he supposedly stalked Jannette but he's REALLY nice and i've learned to love him.. Tony whos been by my side for forever and we're really close i guess u can say. We spent Grad Nite together, raced together back and forth from the early graduation party, and spent lunch together all senior year i think.. But yeah then theres stephanie. Who le sigh.. has changed but i can STILL feel the old Stephanie deep inside her.. hehehehe im a pervert. ANYWAYS!! yeah she's more beautiful than ever and it's sad how much i learned about her this year because it just showed that we never spoke anymore.. She smoked and skipped classes and ::tear tear:: i dunno im scared shes going down the stupid path even though she's REALLY smart. but yeah!! so graduation was last night.. Shawn, my mom, my dad, Brian, Wawa, and Betty went. HEHEHE richard didn't goo WHEE!!! oh yeah i drew a hilarious photo of my family. lol. Oh yeah!!

my family

Specificity of Graduation:
Soo when i was getting ready for graduation I noticed that my gown was wrinkled!! ahh!! sooo after we ate aji de gallina i asked Wawa to iron it.. THEN!! it came with some white collar thing that i had no idea how to use.. THENN!! i drove like i maniac to the bank atlantic center cause i was scared of being late, THEN I got there and realized i shouldve wore silver shoes then the blue and green ones i was wearing, THEN i sat asked Alberto one of the guys sitting next to me to try and do my coller.. HE did =), THEN i asked the guy behind me to tie my necklace thing to the button on the back of the gown which everyone else apparantely knew we were supposed to do that, THEN Daianna came late and i helped her look pretty and relaxthe F down. lol she was crazy!! THEN blah blah the ceremony THEN my feet were aching THEN speeches!! sei wans was the most cutest best speech that night! Rebecca grave (valevictorian) was soo RoBoTic. and Latoya's was nice but kinda cliche yknow? THEN we began walking to receive our diploma's AH!!! THEN i saw everyone on the screen and rehearsed their full names perfectly.. well most.. THEN it was my rows turn to get up and me and Daianna pooped our gowns LOL THEN we freaked out about our hair and our caps falling... i SERIOUSLY felt like mine was gonna tip.. THEN we took pictures back stage THEN we waited in a line to go on stage THEN i got a super hunk of a jrotc guy to walk me on the stage and comfort me THEN i winked at the camera THEN people cheered for me and mad me smile more than ever THEN I tripped LOL jk.. Then i got Dr Fetchers hand and hes was like they;re cold and i was like because i was sweating.. THEN i shook peoples hands who i never spoken to my entire life.. THEN mrs. cohen was at the end and i kissed her cheek and she was like I'M so proud of u. and i was like HEHEHEHhHEH!! then while i was walking back to my seat Mrs. Mandel (sophomore english teacher) and Mr. Fleischer (economics and american gov teacher) were like ur awesome. congratulations.. u rock.. lol or something like that.. Then phew.. THEN iit was time to put our tassles on the right side of our cap THEN we were announced as full graduates THEN we threw our books, caps, and smiley faced beachballs in the air. lol it was AWESOME throwing things.. I wanna do that more often.. THEN when i was walking out i FINALLY found my family in the audience.. they were WAY in the back THEN I gave my gown back and got my diploma with the help of Robert Trombone.. ^_^ hes so nice.. i love bandies.. THEN I got lost and found friends and said hey ur awesome THEN I found my finnaly outside?!?! THEN we took pictures galore THEN Shawn and I went to Sawgrass THEN we asked my mom if we could see a midnight movie THEN we were rejected THEN we tried going to eat at gamework THEN we waited 2o minutes and left THEN we picked up McDonalds and THEN we went to his house and watched Tv while eating THEN we had sexy time THEN i drove hhome and THEN we said our goodbyes THEN i went to my bed THEN i realized he had my cellhone THEN i called him THEN he picked up THEN he used the bathroom and THEN we passed out.. THEN I had a dream with Freddy Kreueger and Then I had a dream i was having sex with a guy named Aqua man.. lol

But yeah!! That was yesterday and the past two years of my life that u missed out on journal wournal!! ^_~ I'll tell u about more eventually but thats just the general way it went.. ^_^ lifes pretty awesome.. As always i care about my weight.. Want freedom.. Love Shawn.. dislike Richard.. play and watch unimportant things.. oh yea and EAT LIKE CRAZY when nobody is looking. GOSH food is yummy.. Anyways I'll write back. Gnite journal wournl.. ur awesome just like me....

Twirling Angel (which is hilarious cause i made that up before i even joined guard so maybe i was always DESTINED to be a colorguard girl. teehee.. go band!)

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  2006.08.15  23.26
Hehe I could't help myself.. I was tempted..

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lol. So yeah would YEW do him? So yeah today was eh because i was tired. Its like I really wanna go to sleep but, I cant. And so yeah! Chicken BUTT! Muahahahha! Practice was ooookay since it rained and we had to practice showing the new NEW girls the flag work. Ugh. How bothersome. But the good thing is that WE got our BALLS today!! WHOOOHOO!!! Oh yeah! I wonder which color mine is. SooooOOOoo yeah new new girls chatting too much, me yelling in a sweet low voice, and eaating newton bars that were just rained on. Nummy num num num!!

OH YEAH take 2! I wrote a poem today! I love poems. They rhyme. Teehee! Anything that rhymes is cute! MEEEEEEEEE!!! I like to BEEEEEEEE!!! Cause i sit when i PEEEEE!! Its so great to be MEEEE! Oh golly GEEEE!! dontyou wish you were MEEEEEE!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!! lol. T'aint it cuh-ute?!?!? ^_^ But yeah thats not the one i wrote. lol.Just made it up on the spot! 

lol. I know my poetry and form sucks but its colorful and it rhymes!! THats all that matters buddY! Ok well, Time is flying, I might as well grow wings. Or find pixy dust somewhere!! Faith, Trust and pixy dust! .. Wait no.. I still like Love Peace and Chicken Grease!!

Love you Journal-shmournal!
P.S. It was Nicole who wrote this entry. SHIBBY!!!!

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  2006.08.14  22.21
Stressed?!?!? Who's STRESSED?!!?!?

Oh yeah stressed backwords spells desserts! lol. Yummy. Anyways I was soo totally excited about seeing everyone again and spending time with humans instead of sitting around the house with cats putting their butts in my face and making me sneeze. I think me and the cats dont get along. It isnt that I'm allergic or anything its just i sneeze and get a runnny nose for about two days if I spend alot of time with them. SOOOoooooOOOoo... Oh yeah.. School. Man I missed my social/school life. Le sigh. It feels good to be back. But eeew classes. I like learning! I really do. I just hate being tested. I feel like they're calling me stupid.. Which is what they're proving. Grrr.

Anyways I'm gonna change my AP english to English 3 honors cuz even just english honors will keep me stressed with my other 2 classes which brian says are really hard! I got da blueess!!

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like a fountain
Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
So you don't confuse them with mountains
Lucky I have strong legs like my mother
To run for cover when I need it
And these two eyes are for no other
The day you leave we'll cry a river

SooooOOOOo yeah hopefully by wednesday ALL my classes we'll be cleared up. I dont mind having A lunch or B lunch this year since A lunch I get to hang out with Jannette and Michelle. We plan on doing crazy things to have fun and make A lunch worthwhile. If I had B lunch I'd be even happier because I LOVE B lunch! After 3rd hour its relaxing time and you just go to lunch and then guard. Well I really oughta go to sleep. Im not going to but I'll just close my laptop! Gnite New York!! PEACE! Luv ya you ssexy sexy journal. You and ur understanding and listening.. U Rock my body rock my body rock my body! Baby you rock my body rock my body rock my body!! ^_~


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  2006.05.24  13.48
Happpy BIRTHDAY!!!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

So yeah. So far.. Today hasnt been so good. But I dont like being a DOWN person. So lets bring the good side of today up. Hmmm..... I found this comic strip! Its funny...


  2006.05.22  17.24
Life's Easy Like Sunday Morning..

So yeah. Wuts up journal journey journ journ? Banquet was on Saturday and it was so great compared to last years. Last years sucked bawls!! But anyways this years was really nice and kewl cuz this time i got to spend it with one of my bestest friends, Stephanie! I think thats how u spell her name. lol. Anyways yeah so I missed school today cuz i woke up at 8 and im normally use to my grandma waking me up so i totally forgot to wake up.. yeah and for some reason none of my alarms go off anymore. Like this one alarm went off at 2:36 or something like that. And im'm like wut the heck? NOW an alarm goes off. Like at the end of school? Wow.. so anyways after that alarm went off I woke up and did all my morning stuff. Cleaning the house today since I was supposed to do that yesterday. But i didnt cuz i spent yesterday outside working on my final. Oh yeah my birthdays wednesday! Sweet atleast i'll be one year closer to how every seems to think i am. People have guessed me to be from 17 to 20 years old. And im like.. WOW! Either I look really mature or ur just stupid. lol. Wutever i find it to be a compliment tho so thats kewl. I cant wait for school to finish and for me to go to the beach, go to missouri, and go to London! ^_^ Its gonna be awesome. Lifes good and i hope it stays that way. Love peace, and chicken grease. If anyone wants to hang out during summer just call me.


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  2006.05.07  22.23
Yo homies!!

Wow. I havent updated this thingy in ages! Anyways! Lifes good. Just busy and never having time for anything. But man summers coming soon so thats gonna change everything! Yaay! My bdays the 24th!! Im so excited.. and guess wut?!? I just can't hide it! Im about to lose control and I think i like it! ::michael jackson squeal:: ANywas, school okay. Yknow As and Bs.. Le sigh. I havent gotten straight As in the longest time. ... OH WELL. Umm summers gonna be busy too. Beach, Missouri, Ohio, London. Just so busy. ANyways i gotta go! Bye luv ya!


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